Monday, February 6, 2012

Vault 106: Tiger, Tiger

I did this manicure last spring, when I was playing with different uses for crackles. For this look, I used OPI Black Shatter over Zoya Rica. I started with very little Black Shatter on the brush, and pulled it from each side of the nail towards the center. I really liked this, and I've used this same technique a few times since then. It looks best with a very thin layer of crackle, and if you don't quite meet in the middle.
Zoya Rica on it's own. I didn't record how many coats, but it's most likely two. Gorgeous color! I bought this whole collection (Zoya Sunshine) last year, because I adore the gold fleck/foily finish and the stunning colors.

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  1. That looks so awesome, both the pink alone and with the crackle over it! Can't wait to see the next post! =]


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