Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Cherimoya Pebble Beach

Just wanted to show some options using my Pebble Beaches like 'normal' polish.
This is Fire Opal Step 2 on all except ring, which is Ruby Step 4, ONE coat of each! And, yes, the Fire Opal is *really* that yellow, do NOT adjust your monitors! These are beautiful colors, and I really love that they're one-coaters. Ruby especially really has some depth! The finish is sandy and matte, so this is with topcoat. They're like foils, but grittier than most foil polishes I've tried.
Friendly PSA: All that lovely pigment WILL bleed onto your topcoat brush, so make sure to wipe your brush on a paper towel between dips, or you'll color your bottle of topcoat! Smiley
I sponged the tips in the opposite colors, but you can hardly see Fire Opal over Ruby, unfortunately. Thankfully, the reverse was gorgeous! I attempted to stamp the snakeskin pattern from BM215 using Nina UltraPro Mossy Britches, but it didn't show up even this well in real life, and just muddied the look.
I also tried stamping with the Pebble Beaches on paper, but they didn't stamp well for me, despite being so pigmented. I think they're just too gritty. I'll try again, sometime, though, and if I'm successful I'll definitely post about it.
Another friendly PSA: Use your most trusted anti-staining basecoat under these!
Both of these polishes stained right through my nail treatment + anti-stain basecoat! Smiley Guess this ends my trial of that basecoat! I was really hoping to find a cheaper alternative to Orly Nail Armor, but apparently not this time. Luckily, after my denture cleaner soak/scrub and a couple of weeks with a buffing or two, the staining has faded completely. Smiley

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