Tuesday, February 7, 2012

China Glaze Aquadelic Review

China Glaze Aquadelic, 2 coats. Gorgeous bright, clear pastel aqua. I had to color-correct these photos a bit, because my camera saw robin's egg blue, when there is plenty of green in real life. So, my fingers weren't really so red, but the polish is much closer to color-accurate. Nice formula and opacity, and a bright, cheerful color that makes me happy. Appears to work well for stamping, on paper over both dark blue and plain white.
Look at how prettily Jordana Celestial layers over Aquadelic, almost a perfect match! This is one coat of Celestial over 2 coats of Aquadelic.
Now for some comps. I did three coats of each, to be consistent, but the two China Glazes really didn't need a third. Essie Turquoise & Caicos needed ALL three, and maybe a fourth, or underwear. As you can see, Aquadelic is the brightest of these, and actually very close to Tiffany blue (the prop I'm holding here is a Tiffany box). Aquadelic is my favorite of the bunch, and what I had hoped T&C would be.
One more comp, because I found Ulta Mint Condition, and I wanted to try Essie T&C over a stark white base. Again, three coats of each, with Essie T&C over two coats Sally Hansen White On. The Ulta and Essie are very close to each other - both have a slightly dusty quality, and remind me of green sea glass. I'm really curious to know if they are close to Zoya Bevin or OPI Thanks a Windmillion. Anybody who owns either of those care to confirm or deny?

Disclosure: China Glaze Aquadelic was provided for review. All other polishes in this post were purchased by me.


  1. I absolutely love Aquadelic! I wasn't sure I would, but once I put it on I was in love. It's so vibrant, and covers so well! It's also fantastic for nail art! It can be frustrating trying to paint accent colors with a sheer polish, but this one works like a dream!

    Thanks for the comparisons, too... I was wondering how this would compare to For Audrey!

  2. Ok, so like every girl in the world I love green this year, I love it so much and I want everything mint.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.


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