Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vault 106: franken Hello, I Love You

full sun
Last summer, I ordered SpectraFlair from a certain eBay seller, and I've never looked back. This stuff is SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! For this one, I added 2 tiny scoops of SpectraFlair to Essence Ready For Action. I bought a half-dozen or so Essence Colour & Go polishes just for this purpose, and most of them worked perfectly! It did fade the red a tiny bit (it's a silvery-gray pigment), so I added a few drops of LA Colors Transformer (deep, vampy red) to bring it back to a true cherry red. You'll see the others I made as I wear them, just need more sun to fully appreciate all that delicious holo.
full sun
I couldn't resist stamping this with lips, cuz I'm seriously in love. ♥ I used the black holo franken I made with Essence Fabuless and BM02.
The namesake song:


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