Friday, February 17, 2012

NotD: Jelly Sandwich

Revlon Blue Lagoon, two coats, no topcoat. Pastel blue with iridescent shimmer. Unfortunately the shimmer gets completely lost on the nail, especially amongst all the bubbles. I bought this specifically as an opaque base for Sinful Cinderella. It matches and is opaque enough, but the formula is awful! It's chalky, streaky, gritty and bubbly. Yuck. I'm so glad I only paid about $1.50 for it. Too bad it's such a pretty polish in the bottle! I think it'll be worth trying over a different basecoat, waiting a little longer between coats, or something.
Spoiled Pet My Peacock, one coat, no topcoat, over Revlon. Equal parts blue, green, purple, gold and silver hex glitters, all the same size, in a clear base. Love the glitter, hate the brush! Just like everyone else who's reviewed the new Spoiled (by Wet n Wild) line, the brush in this was wonky and needed a haircut before I could use it properly, even with a glitter like this.
Sinful Cinderella, one coat with topcoat, over Revlon and Spoiled. This looks so awesome, and is worth the application issues with the other two polishes. I love how Cinderella really intensifies the color of the glitter while subduing the bling. It also makes this look like all one polish, not three layered. What a neat effect! I think the milky finish of Cinderella is perfect for jelly sandwiches, and the pink-gold sparkle just adds some extra oomph.
If you enlarge these pics, you'll still see the Revlon bubbles, but they're less noticeable in real life and I think I can manage to ignore them for a few days. Maybe.


  1. I'm sure I've heard other complaints about Blue Lagoon but I don't remember where. I doubt I will be trying this polish. I love the final look of this mani! It reminds me of an Easter egg or something spring like.

    1. After using it, I googled other reviews, and found many other complaints. :P I definitely wouldn't recommend it, and there MUST be better pastel blues out there, right? And thank you! It reminds me of an Easter egg, too. ^_^


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