Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vault 106: Zoya Faye + comp

full sun
The glorious Zoya Faye! This is a beautiful mauvey-pink with that lovely golden glass fleck that the whole Zoya Sunshine collection contains. I didn't take notes,  but I think this might be 2 coats, and definitely no more than three. So sparkly!
The gold sparkle really comes to the forefront in indirect lighting.
When I first saw Faye, I thought it looked a bit  familiar.
If you ignore the copious gold glass fleck in Faye for a moment, you can see that it shares a base with Zoya Pru. Pru is also gorgeous, and has some sparkle, but not in-your-face like Faye. So, if you find Faye's finish overwhelming, go with Pru. If you can't live without bling, get Faye. But you probably don't NEED both. Hope this helps!

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