Monday, April 12, 2010

Vault 106: Insane Neon Glitter!

Okay, so picture in your head mac n' cheese powdered cheese. Got it? Good. That's the exact color of the this Hot Topic polish:
Hot Topic Marigold. 4 coats. Eye-popping light orange neon. I should have put this over white, because 4 coats is always excessive to me - and, look! you can still see VNL! And do I need to mention the horrible mop that Hot Topic calls a brush? Yeesh. Too bad the bottles are so cute. This is not a unique color, so you can skip it in favor of one with better application.
This is shown with top coat, because it does dry matte, like all neons. I liked it matte, but after the fourth coat, it started to bubble - so I panicked and threw on Seche Vite, which does seem to cure bubbles handily. (I'm finally starting to get along okay with SV, learning its quirks and stuff. See, there's no shrinkage this time!)
So, what do you do when you have VNL, but you know another coat won't build up? Go for the bling, of course!
Sinful UFO. 2 coats. Sheer orange jelly with huge bling factor! Nice. It does bring the neon glow down a notch, but WOW. I loved this! So HAWT! I think this is what UFO was made for - these two together should have been one polish! I'll be doing this combo again this summer, for sure.
Here's a bonus sun pic, because it almost makes me look tan. LOL.


  1. This orange is so wonderful it just makes me smile! And the sparkle! -JenB

  2. I'm not an orange lover, but this looks HOT!

  3. VAULT 106 YAAAY haha sorry!
    Seriously, awesome colour!


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