Friday, April 9, 2010

Franken: Blue Orchid

My first franken post! For those who don't know, a frankenpolish is a unique, homemade polish, made in one of three ways:
  1. Mixing two or more polishes together.
  2. Mixing (powdered) pigment or eyeshadow into a polish base.
  3. Any combination or variation of 1 and 2 above.
I've made a handful so far, and it's a lot of fun! The only restriction is needing empty bottles sometimes. And, since no polish shall remain nameless, I have taken to naming my frankens for music! Usually song titles, but sometimes just music-related. So, when I post about them, I'm going to include a link to the relevant song.
First, swatches:
Blue Orchid. 2 coats, no topcoat. Foily/metallic periwinkle. It came out more foily and blue than I expected. I might franken my franken, with a touch more purple, now that's there's a bit more room in the bottle. (Why, yes, I do have perfectionist tendencies - how could you tell? Happy Emoticons)
Here it is with topcoat. It looks a bit bubbly, because my original topcoat didn't play nice. Free Avatars It was opaque at one coat, so I put topcoat on, but it bubbled! Hence, the second coat with a different topcoat. Ugh. I hate more layers than I really need!
On a side note, if I (a rank amateur) can make a polish that's opaque in one coat, why can't the 'pros' get it right, consistently? I'm just sayin'... Happy Emoticons
I started with a nearly full bottle of Essie Ballet Slippers, which I stocked up on when Ulta had them on clearance for 99¢.  As for measuring the pigments, well, I didn't. I just started throwing them in (via a paper funnel) until I was happy with the color. It's mostly Lilac mica, though, with just a touch of Blueberry Pop (a bit too much, since it came out more blue than I intended). Add BBs, shake and you're done.
Whoever suggested that tip about using a sheer (but still slightly pigmented) polish instead of clear for pigment frankens, thank you! It worked like a charm, and doesn't appear to settle out - I made this several weeks ago and didn't even need to shake it again when applying!
Here's that song I promised:

This time the franken came first - after watching this video, I thought the name fit!

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  1. This is really pretty, and I get what you're saying about wanting to franken it again. I frankened my franken to get the shade I was looking for too.
    Keep at it and you'll get the shade that YOU want, but this one is lovely!


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