Friday, April 16, 2010

Red Creme Comparison

I have a problem (well, more than one, but who's counting? Free Emoticons). Anyway, today's problem is that I rarely wear red cremes, but I have enough of them to do a comp, and then some!  Good grief. I guess I'm always on the hunt for the perfect red, and keep finding it! LOL
Here's the cast of characters. From L to R: CQ Rouge, Sally Hansen Sacred Scarlet, Essie Lollipop, Essie Turning Heads Red and Essie Tiny Wine-ey.
Same order, from thumb to pinkie. This is 2 coats each, no topcoat. First pic is in my lightbox, the second is in full sun. All hot, bright red cremes, with clear similarities. The lightest, and warmest is Lollipop. The darkest is Tiny Wine-ey. None, except Lollipop, lean more orange or blue - they're mostly pretty neutral, to my eye. All of the Essies could use another coat, but the SH and CQ are both fine at two. Application for all was unremarkable, with the Essies a little more jellyish.
For those who do stamping, my favorite for a true, opaque red is CQ Rouge. Unfortunately, this bottle is untold years old, and I have no idea if it's still sold, or still the same quality.
The upside of the story is that I didn't spend more than $2 on any one bottle, even the Essies! I guess I just can't pass up an Essie red on clearance. Free Emoticons
Bottom line: Do you need all of these reds? I highly doubt it.  They're all way too similar to be in any sane person's stash. ICQ Emoticons to decide which ones to swap away...


  1. The sacred scarlet is the best of them.:)

  2. wow they really do all look so similar. Thanks for the comparison swatches.


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