Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vault 106: Nyx Sparklies

FYI, Vault 106 is a gamer reference; if you're not a gamer, you could probably Google it (from Fallout 3, if your curiosity is running rampant. Thanks, Toxin, for the idea!). Suffice to say, it fits, so that's what I'm calling my photo folder with manis that I didn't get around to posting when I was wearing them. You'll probably notice all different nail lengths and shapes when I pull from the Vault.
Anyway, let's get on to the pictures:
Ta-da! This would be a great, simple mani for a sporting event. In fact, I wore it for a Superbowl party, even though it was neither team's colors - my Wisconsin roots are showing, perhaps! LOL.
Nyx Juliana. 2 coats over white. Bright yellow jelly with opalescent glitter. I tried this on it's own, but it's way too sheer for my comfort level. Besides looking a little sickly and jaundiced - it really needed the white to retain the pretty bottle color.
Nyx Lime Sparkle. 2 coats over white. Lime green jelly with copious gold glitter. This didn't need the white quite as badly as Juliana did. I think three coats on its own would have been good, but I put the two together and wanted to be consistent. Look at that glow!

A little side story about these polishes, just so y'all can say "Awwww". My DH went on a business trip to New York, and had a little time to shop - so what does he shop for? Nail polish for me! Isn't that sweet? These were two of the colors he picked up. It was so cute - I get a phone call that started something like this: "Hi, Honey! I'm in this neat little drugstore, and they have Nyx polishes. Are there any of those that you want?" Hmm, how to answer that... ☺ I mentioned a couple, and guess what? They were already in his hot little hands! Did I mention that he has good taste? What a great guy!

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  1. How the heck did i miss this one! Yay for vaults! :)

    I like the bright colours here, makes me think your nails should be lemon-lime flavoured!


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