Monday, December 14, 2009

OMG Water Marbling WIN

I ordered the China Glaze water marbling set from Sally Beauty the other day, because 1) I didn't own any ChG OMG polishes, which should be a crime! 2) I didn't own a dotting tool. 3) I really wanted to succeed at water marbling, hoping that the polishes used would be the key (it is).
In case anybody reads this and is wondering, this set comes with: OMG, BFF, LOL and DV8, as well as the dotting tool and instructions. I used all 4 colors in my marbling efforts.
The pics really say it all:

Please ignore the bubbles, I think it was the topcoat. :( But I had to show my right hand because the holo effect really showed up in this one! Love it.
This was SO easy to do, too. I used masking tape around all of my nails, cuz I learned the hard way how messy the process is without it. Thanks to the bloggers and YouTubers for that little tip! The whole process, including base coat, 2 coats of DV8, water marbling and topcoat took under an hour total. I'm not exactly sure how long, because I did DV8 one day, and the marbling the next day.
Here's the DV8 bottle, because that's what I used as the base color, and to show the holo goodness. Nom!

On another note, I was totally bummed that Green Friday came and went at Zoya, and I missed it because my Mom was visiting! Grrr... Oh well, I can't really blame Mom, can I? Can I?!?!
But I refuse to miss a contest that is giving away the six beautiful green Zoyas that I missed out on! Here's a link for a blogger who is doing just that:, Thank you, JP! If I win, I will totally swatch all of them, because they're beautiful.

Another contest mention while I'm on the subject is at Fantabulously Frugal. Check it out at this link:You Deserve The Best Giveaway. There are 3 outrageously cool prizes, with plenty of beauty products involved. Thanks to Sparkled Beauty for the heads-up, and for yet another blog to follow! (;D)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, doll! Good luck!!!



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