Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm back, and changing things up a bit!

Boy, this blog is sad! I haven't posted since January 08? Really?!?! Anyway, I've decided that my blogging horizons need to expand, so it won't be just BPAL anymore. Though I will still blog about them occasionally. Nope, my focus has changed to include any and all beauty products that I'm obsessed with at any given moment.
Right now, that obsession has been nail polish! I've always liked polish, mostly because I love anything with COLOR, and even more so GLITTER! My only trouble was just that: polish always seemed like more trouble than it was worth. That all changed about a month ago, when I stumbled across my first nail blog (Scrangie, I'm lookin' at you!) All those gorgeous swatches, and I was hooked! So, here I am, back at my own blog, and I was inspired to update it, mostly so that I could post my own blingy, beauteous swatches.
Enter the painted Lady fingers contest, at, and how could I not update my blog? Since she's hosting a contest to give away Diamond nail polishes, and I haven't tried them yet, it seemed like perfect timing. Thanks for the little push I needed, Ms. fingers! :)
No more rambling today. On to some pics!

Maybelline Salon Expert Lavish Sable. One of the best things ever found in a Big Lots for $1! Love this polish - it's a rich, burgundy/cognac/mahogany type of color that never looks black. Lavish, indeed. For some reason, I just want a subtle black woodgrain Konad for this one. This is 2 coats with topcoat, no major application issues (other than my usual sloppiness), taken under a full spectrum lamp. Seems color accurate on my monitor.
Thanks for reading!

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