Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holo Stamping with franken: Boom Boom Ba

It's about time I showed another of my Spectraflair frankens, isn't it? This one, I've named Boom Boom Ba, and it's made from one bottle of Essence Break Through with a tiny amount of Spectraflair and some clear polish to thin the base. It has a fairly subtle holo effect, but it's just enough to add some life and dimension. My bottle of Break Through is one of the old ones, but according to the Essence website, it should still be available in their newer Colour & Go line.
full sun
Here it is in full sun. This is two coats Boom Boom Ba, stamped using Color Club Revvvolution and Cheeky Jumbo plate D. My bottle of Revvvolution is not as holo as I'd like it to be, but I'm not sure I'd call it a dud bottle, as it's still very nice. Hopefully you can see the effect here in the stamping. This is the most true-to-color photo of the bunch, as the others pull too blue.
full spectrum lamp
 Here it is under my full spectrum lamp. As you can see, the holo effect is slightly less, but still visible, especially in the bottle. Again, this is bluer than the polish is in real life.
This is full shade, and the holo effect is completely dampened, but it's clearly not a plain cream polish. It has depth, but no rainbows.
Here's the song inspiration behind my franken name, complete with a video from the TV show (Dead Like Me) where I first heard and enjoyed the song:
Great song, great show.

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