Friday, November 30, 2012

More Purple Layering

light box
NYS Hot Purple + Nicole by OPI Count On Me. 2 coats NYS + 1 coat NOPI, with topcoat. Shortly after using my beloved Hot Purple for the glitter sandwich I posted last time, I found another spectacular use for it - as the base color under the beautifully iridescent Count On Me. If you look closely at the above pic, you will see prominent blue shimmer in the direct light, but you'll also notice some pink highlight to the side - both are the NOPI! I really adore duochromey shimmer polishes like this, especially when they're sheer enough to layer over darker colors that really showcase the color-shifting properties. I couldn't capture the completely pink shift on camera, but it's there irl. This really sparkles, too - I would classify the finish as micro-glass fleck, if that makes any sense. It's in a sheer, pink-tinted base, that only marginally changed the color of the base polish.
full sun
Here's a shot in full sun, just because. I wasn't counting on the NOPI being quite as sheer as it ended up, or I would have used three coats of NYS Hot Purple, or a proper underwear polish. As it was, the VNL was only apparent in full sun. Once again, I really needed to wrap the tips with every color layer, especially for photos. D'oh!
I'd like to expound a bit on how NYS Hot Purple has totally won me over on jelly finish polishes.  I really dislike most jellies/sheers I've found for the following reasons: 1) they aren't supposed to be sheer, so they end up looking like the bad formula that they are, 2) they're just watered-down, washed-out versions of a color, 3) they're usually a streaky mess, 4) I'm not fond of the unintentional French mani look, 5) they'll never even get close to opaque, no matter how many coats you slather on (see the NOPI above), or 6) they're so dark that by the time they're opaque, they're also black (google Nars Zulu, for example). NYS Hot Purple, on the other hand, ticks all the right boxes for me. The rich, saturated color is outstanding, and never looks black. The squishy translucence and shine are irresistible. It's a real multi-tasker, too, looking stunning with layering (especially glitter sandwiches!) or all by itself. It's buildable to full opacity in three coats. Now I find myself seeking out sheers, but I don't think I've found any that equal this one yet, especially for the price (only $2.50, and cheaper online)! Needless to say, I'll be snapping up any more New York Summer 'Hot' polishes I find.
How about you? Have you ever been completely converted on a finish or color by a single polish?

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