Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Fall 2012

So, late to the party again, but this time I have an almost legitimate reason. My swatches came out carp. I tried to do everything right, like using cuticle oil to help my manky cuticles and applying extra-carefully. The sun even cooperated! Everything was great, but when I went to edit the photos, almost every one was completely inaccurate to my eye. Clearly I need to play with my camera settings some more, because most of the colors were distorted and washed out in direct sunlight.
I was too lazy disheartened by my fail to take fresh swatches, so I'm substituting my less-exciting-but-more-color-accurate nail wheel swatches this time. Don't worry, I'm sure these will make an on-nail appearance at some point, because they're great colors.
full spectrum lamp
From left to right: Adventure Red-y, Prey Tell, Man Hunt, Exotic Encounters, Elephant Walk, I'm Not Lion. All two coats, no topcoat and no application issues that I recall. My favorite by far and away is I'm Not Lion (naturally). Remember to click the pic to see it larger.
Two full sun swatches did come out all right, so I'll include them to make myself feel better for posterity.
full sun
Prey Tell. Two coats here, no topcoat. Lovely, vampy burgundy jelly with great opacity.
full sun
I'm Not Lion. Two coats with topcoat to maximize sparkle. Angling my hand like this allowed some of my nails to be out-of-focus, showing off that gorgeous rainbow sparkle! Honestly, out in the sun this polish was like having little champagne-colored disco balls on my nails. ♥♥♥
full sun
Bonus stamping pic of I'm Not Lion. This reached whole new levels of awesome! I loved that the stamp was just transparent enough to still sparkle through. I stamped with Pure Ice All Night Long and BM319.
PS: Pardon my playing around with my watermark, just trying to figure out the best placement. Kinda liking the 'hide the hideous cuticles' positioning. Smiley

The China Glaze products mentioned in this post were provided by a representative of the company for consideration. All opinions are mine.

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