Sunday, December 27, 2009


I played with my stamping set again, and it almost came out as I pictured in my head. So I'm calling it a WIN! LOL

For my base, I used a coat of Pure Ice Superstar! for opacity, and 3 coats of Rimmel Insolence for the antiqued white glitter. (I just have to comment on the Pure Ice - my first thought when applying was: I didn't know they put Glidden into nail polish bottles! Seriously, this stuff was just like that nasty, gloopy liquid white-out in texture and color. It was horribly thick, so after finishing this mani, I put some thinner into it for next time. I like the opacity, but application was a nightmare! =8-0)
I almost left it like this, because it was truly fascinating to look at. Of course, I've been using a lot of dark colors lately, so I could just have been dazzled by the contrast of such a light color. ;P
I'm glad I didn't leave it, though, because I love how the stamping came out!

I used Orly Enchanted Forest for one or two stamps on each nail for the poinsettia leaves, then I used Sinful Gogo Girl for the flowers. The light really washed out the red for these pics, because it's not really hot pink - it's much closer to true red IRL. I love this! I was a little afraid the hibiscus stamp would be obvious, but it wasn't from a reasonable distance. I gotta thank my husband for his patience and help, cuz I spent a half hour showing him stamps and saying "What about this...?". He suggested the green leaves underneath, and I think that totally rocked the whole look!
So, not a bad Christmas Day mani for not having any Christmas themed stamps (other than the bell I already did).
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