Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NotD: Glitterati in the Nude

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Ulta Set the Nude. Two coats, no topcoat. This polish is kinda awesome - it's a fully opaque nude that is perfect underwear for us pale girls. It has just a touch of pink, making it very flattering, while still being a shade of pale tan that is very chic. If I had been more careful, and were applying a sheer color (instead of a clear-based glitter) one coat would've been plenty to obscure the dreaded VNL (visible nail line). It was a little thick, but not horrible - I did add some thinner for next time, though.
Also, with initial testing (literally on paper), this looks like it should be a fantastic stamping polish! I'm excited about that, because pale stamping polishes are hard to find. I got this recently from the Ulta $5 for 5 table, and it's in the oldish square bottles, with the shiny, square plastic cap - not the Pro, just regular. (Incidentally, I wish Ulta would just settle down with their bottle changes! They've changed three times in as many years, and each time the bottles get smaller, while the price stays the same. Boo!)
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Sation Pyramid Princess (over Ulta StN). This is two coats, with one coat of topcoat. It's surprisingly smooth, but if you're like me and need it glass-smooth, an additional coat of topcoat would get you there. I held off because I plan to stamp over it. It applies a bit thick and gloopy, but the coverage is great, and a little thinner helped with the gloopiness. It's incredibly complex for a mainstream glitter, so I'll list what I can see. As far as I can tell, it contains several sizes of hex glitter, like so: small (almost micro) gold and silver, slightly larger silver, medium black, largish blue, largish pink holographic and largish iridescent all in roughly equal proportions. The overall effect is a lovely speckled disco ball, really blingy. See the reflection on my ring finger bouncing off my pinkie nail? It's super-sparkly, even in low light.
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I'm so excited to see that our area TJ Maxx's and Marshall's have finally started getting a trickle of Sations! I've been keeping an eye out for weeks now, since seeing the first blog posts about them. About two weeks ago, I found the same lone pastel pink at 3 or 4 different locations. Now, I'm seeing a handful of creams at a few locations, and this one orphaned in one. Being the first glitter Sation I've found so far, naturally I snatched it up in my greedy little paws! If this is representative of the collection, I can't wait to see the full displays!
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Aaand one last shot, because after years of practice and a few different cameras, I've come to the inescapable conclusion that I really suck at capturing glitter in pictures. So, Quantity over Quality, folks! Hopefully my description somewhat makes up for my lack of camera skillz. And maybe someday I'll get a DSLR (rather than my current point-and-shoot, let's blame the camera! Smiley), and see if my quality improves.

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