Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fuzzy Sweaters

Recollections glitter and flocking powder
Yep. I did it. I jumped on the fuzzy nails bandwagon. But I added my own twist - glitter, of course! I was inspired by some Martha Stewart sparkly flocking powder at Michael's, but I already owned the glitter and this flocking powder was on clearance, so I mixed my own. Both the glitter and the flocking powder were by Recollections, also found at Michael's.
tiny silicone bowl
I shook them up together in a little zip baggie, but my teeny silicone bowl was perfect for application, because I dipped rather than the traditional shaking over the nail. I tried shaking the mix over, but wasn't happy with the coverage - it went on thicker with dipping for me.
light box
I started with two coats Revlon Wind Fall, then used a slow-drying topcoat as the tacky surface for the sparkly fuzz to stick. (I swatched Wind Fall here, if you want to see it alone.) I then dipped each nail into the bowl, lightly tamped down the fuzz with my other hand, and brushed off the excess. Done! How easy is that!
Here's a shade pic, because the glitter was easier for the camera to pick up in the shade - it just kinda twinkles out of the sea of fuzz. Anyway, this mani lasted about two days, surprisingly - including one shower and several handwashings. I removed it when it started developing bald spots. I loved it, though - so different and cute! I kept petting my nails that first day. Smiley But putting my hand in a pocket or purse sure felt odd, as the fuzz wouldn't glide smoothly like nail polish does.

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