Saturday, February 11, 2012

NotD: ♥ Purple Valentine ♥

full sun
This is 2 coats Hot Topic Bright Lavender + 1 coat China Glaze Electric Lilac + stamping in white, using BM09 for "LOVE" and Konad m73 for the heart tips. I'm really loving this right now, it's so bright, sparkly and PURPLE!
full sun
Pre-stamping. I'm really happy to have this Hot Topic color - it's SO vibrant and saturated. Plus it's the perfect base for Electric Lilac - check out how well it matches the bottle in this pic! This is probably my favorite shade of purple - any darker and it would have to be called indigo!
Here's Hot Topic Bright Lavender by itself, 2 coats. As you can see, it dries matte (most of my Hot Topic crèmes do, and I suspect there's some neon pigment involved), and the color is a bit off here. It's a hard-to-describe color as it is, and it's even more difficult to capture in photos! Reality is probably somewhere between this and the full sun pics, with the full sun pics being closer.
'Bright Lavender' is such an understatement - the China Glaze name (Electric Lilac) would be much more accurate. Or how about 'Violently Violet'? 'Violet Beauregarde'? But, alas, Hot Topic is not known for naming creativity. The only way to know what they call their polishes in the first place is reading the receipt. Bleh. Oh well, I can't complain too loudly when they sell colors like this! Seriously, folks, SO VIOLET!!

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