Friday, February 24, 2012

Icing Mood Swing Romantic/Relaxed

Icing Mood Swing Romantic/Relaxed, three coats, no topcoat. Beautiful peachy-pink shimmer that dries matte. Cold fingers to show bottle color.
And with topcoat, as it normally looks on me. I love wearing mood polishes when my nails are long like this. Instant funky french! This is a great color combo, too. The yellow is one of those rare shades that looks great with my skintone, and the peach is equally flattering.
My husband came up with this stamping idea - he wanted something that was reminiscent of flames, and used the mood polish to its full potential. I used China Glaze Foxy and BM212. It looked much cooler in real life, with the mood polish changing color, and my stamping mistakes not so noticeable.


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