Thursday, January 5, 2012

NotD: HOT Flakies!

Taken in lightbox
Taken in filtered winter sun
Last April, I saw this post on Alizarine Claws & Cammi, and knew that someday I would HAVE to try killing it with fire! (On a side note, I highly recommend their blog - they have some of the best swatches! ^_^) So, someday arrived this week! I used China Glaze Poinsettia for my red, because it's the hottest red jelly I own - seriously, folks, this one's HAWT (and beautiful and even well-behaved! lol).
Anyway, I used two coats of that, then started about 1/3 down the nail with Finger Paints Flashy and finished the tips with some Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I tried to capture the duochrominess of the flakies, but I couldn't manage the green. Trust me, though, these flakies go from orange to golden yellow to green as the light shifts. Gorgeous!! ♥♥♥
Right now, you're probably wondering why I used two different flakies. Here's why:

See that well-defined line of flakies? Yeah. Ugh. That's a single coat of Hidden Treasure, started at the same point on the nail. So, the more sparse Flashy worked perfectly to create the desired effect, but then I wanted a bit more flakie goodness at the tips and Hidden Treasure gave me the coverage I needed. Now, I could have done it the way Feline Flodin did, starting from the tips backwards with HT, but I'm difficult like that. :P
Having Hidden Treasure, I wasn't sure I needed Flashy, but now I'm glad I got it. I did skip Essie Shine of the Times, but if you don't have HT, that would definitely be a better substitute. If you don't own any flakie polishes at all, what are you waiting for! O_O Get thee to a Sally Beauty! (Flashy is one of 5 new Finger Paints flakie topcoats, and they're only $4.99 each with a Beauty Club Card. I highly recommend checking out Twisted!)

Disclosure: China Glaze Poinsettia was provided by China Glaze for promotional purposes. All other products mentioned in this post were purchased by me.


  1. This is so pretty!!! I'm SO GLAD that I was able to get 2 of the flakies!! :D

  2. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

    I only added my blog link to show you to the page where I nominated you.


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