Saturday, June 4, 2011

Updated: Franken Contest Entry: Kashmir

Update: I didn't win, but that's okay - I loved the frankens that did, and they are totally deserving! Thanks to everyone who voted for Kashmir! I truly appreciate that, and it makes me happy that you like it. ☺
Link to winners' announcement: More Nail Polish

I recently entered a frankenpolish contest over on More Nail Polish, and just wanted to let you know. Feel free to vote for my entry if you're so inclined.
May I present Kashmir:
Not to be biased, but I really like it - the color came out perfectly, and the shimmer is gorgeous! This was two coats, though one would have been enough, if the mini brush in my franken bottle would have cooperated. My recipe is listed in the contest entry, but if you have any questions, let me know.
Here's the song I named it for:
This video is nine minutes long, so don't feel obliged to watch/listen to the whole thing - I didn't! But you get the idea. Epic!
So, why are you still reading? Go, vote! ☺


  1. Ooh! I looked at all the entries the other day and voted for yours! The color is just gorgeous, and I loved your Led Zeppelin reference (SUCH a good song). Good luck :)

  2. Firstly, I've discovered the contest on More Nail Polish, secondly, I've thought your franken was the best and voted for, thirdly, I've come to your blog and followed you, and... fouthly, I'm leaving you this comment ;) Great job! Very nice! Hope you'll win!

  3. i voted for your frankenpolish to win! i'm going to try to make my own :) it's so pretty!


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