Wednesday, March 16, 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away Part 2

Back already?!?! I have for you today the other half of the China Glaze spring collection, the half that makes me think 'Sailing Regatta'. Let's jump right into the swatches.
 Ahoy! 2 coats, smooth application. This is a pretty raspberry jelly with pink micro-glitter. It bears a little resemblance to Strawberry Fields, but it's darker with more purple to it, and the glitter is different. So if you like the Summer Days collection, this is definitely worth looking into. I don't have Raspberry Festival, but from swatches I've seen, Ahoy! seems closer to raspberry-colored and it makes me happy.
First Mate. 2 coats, smooth application. This is a nice, dusty medium/dark blue cream, not quite as bright as my camera wants to make it appear. It's too light to be navy, but too much gray to be royal. Cadet blue, maybe? Denim? Whatever. It's well-pigmented, too - one coat would probably be enough, but I like it in two better.
 Hey Sailor. 2 coats, smooth and easy application. HOT cherry red jelly that is opaque in two coats. Life is good. Smiley Hey Sailor is so aptly named, because it just screams '40s pin-up girl to me. This will be on my toes this summer for sure.
 Life Preserver. 2 coats, a bit runny and messy. Pretty close to terra cotta, with a bit of burnt orange. This is a weird color, but it's also aptly named, because it's the color of those nasty old boxy life vests that used to sit in the bottom of the boat all summer at the lake. You know. Surprisingly not un-flattering with my skintone. If you can master the sneaky application, you could probably get by with one coat, because it's well-pigmented.
Lighthouse. 3 coats, a bit runny. Bright yellow sheerish sparkle. It's much brighter in real life than this pic, because it freaked out my camera, which turned my skin purple! I color-corrected a bit, but my skin still looks odd. So, color-accurate nails, but purple skin, or slightly less color-accurate nails, but pink skin, which would you have chosen? Smiley At least my skin wasn't purple in real life with this on, and it's really very pretty, even for being sheer. It even looks interesting at two coats.
Starboard. 2 coats, smooth application. Dusty evergreen jellyish cream. Being so close to St. Patrick's Day, I decided to make this my manicure. It's not quite as bright as it appears here - just like First Mate, my camera loves to remove the grayish tint to these polishes. It's similar to Essie Pretty Edgy and OPI Jade is the New Black, but none are exact dupes. If I had to guess, I would say it's probably similar to Nubar Green Tea, but I don't own that to compare.

Overall, most of these were a joy to apply, but a couple had that stealth formula I mentioned yesterday. I really enjoyed the dusty quality many of them have, because it sets them apart. Are they the most unique polishes ever? Heck, no, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. From today's half, I highly recommend Ahoy!, and if you're fanatical about greens or blues, you should check out First Mate and Starboard. Hey Sailor is a great red if you don't have one, too.
Hope you enjoyed my take on this collection. Happy Wednesday!

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by China Glaze.

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