Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confession, and One Hot Polish!

Okay, I can't hide it any longer! I had a major break a couple weeks ago, and I've been posting Vault 106 pics and anything else I could find since then! But I can't handle the lying and subterfuge anymore! My left pinkie nail is gone - beyond nubbin, right down to below the quick. Ouch! So today you're seeing my right hand (yup, I have one!), and what was left of my left nails. Sadly, since these pics, I've had more serious breaks on my left, so they're ALL down to nubbins. But, I will persevere - this polish is too hot not to share! Enough with the melodrama - behold!
Rimmel Hot Rock. Two coats. Hot orange-red (red-orange?) jelly with gold microglitter. Definitely click to see these full-size! This is so aptly named - it really looks like lava. Yum! It has so much glitter that I would almost classify it as a foil finish, but it doesn't apply like one, and I would say it was easier to remove, too. Oops, still a little VNL, so a good nude base or a third coat is recommended if that bothers you (as it does me). It reminds me of the swatches I've seen of Hard Candy Lava, so if you can't find this one, that might be a good substitute. 
Check out the gold glitter! AAAHHH! So beautiful! It doesn't all translate as gold on the nail, but it definitely adds depth and dimension. I love how it seems irregular, like glass fleck or teeny gold flakies.
To refresh this after a couple days, I added two coats of Orly Prisma Gloss Gold just for fun. Wow! Once again, you need to click to see this full-size. Love it!


  1. Very cool polish. Sorry to hear about your's to fast healing!

  2. Hey look at dem cute pawdies. I love the polish too, just wish I could see more than a day or two!


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