Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dollar Tree Finds

Just a quick post to let any readers know that the Sally Hansen Salon polishes in the old square bottles have arrived at Dollar Trees, in two-packs! If you're lucky, there will be two Salon bottles packed together, but I also saw some old NYC Nail Glossies packed together in the same SH packages. There were also some of the rectangular SH No Chip 10 Day and one SH Fire Opal Nail Glaze mixed in.
Pictured here, by how they were packed. L-R: 2 SH Moonstones, SH Divinity with NYC 201 Topcoat, SH Plum It with SH Alchemy, NYC 209 Nail Glossies with SH Flame Opal.
I also saw some Maybelline Express Finish polishes strapped together with a matching lippie as a freebie. I didn't get any of those, because I already had similar polishes.
Good luck at your Dollar Tree(s), and have fun!
Thanks for reading!

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