Friday, October 4, 2013

Bundle Monster CYO: My Designs

I got my Bundle Monster plates, and they used three of my designs! If you'd like to see the whole collection, just click here. Here are the two with my designs - I highlighted around mine.
Candy Hearts
I entered these candy hearts before they released the Holiday set earlier this year, which has some candy hearts, so I'm not sure why they chose more. But I like them, and you can choose which to use, based on your opinion of Valentine's Day. I'll probably use both (maybe in the same manicure!), because I'm silly like that.
Candy Cane Stripes
I love this one, even if it's a bit boring - I can't draw straight lines to save my life, and just wanted some neat diagonal candy cane stripes to play with. I think this design will be pretty popular in December.

Seeing which they chose made me laugh, because they were the least exciting/creative of the ones I entered. Smiley (The others ranged from really girly to really nerdy.) But I'm just happy they chose any of them, so I can't complain. I really can't wait to use these, my own and all the rest! I would love to hear any thoughts on them, or if anyone would like to see what else I entered.


  1. Congrats on getting 3 designs chosen, that's awesome!! I would LOVE to see some sketches of the designs that were not chosen! :)

  2. they used three of my designs! If you'd like to see the whole collection, just click here. PLAY BAZAAR


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